5) Re-HUMANIZING education – schools, teacher ed. and parenting

The whole of this site is about whole-person learning, addressed as it is to parents, managers & teachers – and personal developers generally.

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One thought on “5) Re-HUMANIZING education – schools, teacher ed. and parenting”

  1. Dear Friends,
    One is incline to point out following with utter humility to investigate further.
    What is the essential meaning of holistic education? What is taking place in nature every instant & its accurate & consistent processes in harmony consider holy? Isn’t nature’s law , its learning &how to use its applications in daily life called holistic education?
    Why we have volumes of descriptions around world’s library and its interpretation on one understanding? Do we see that we are & all other manifestations are part of nature & must be living under natural law & its processes which must not be interpreted according to our own wish, view or idea? Is it because first volume did not understood well or its foundations was weak and so the clarity? Why so called science constantly dwelling in more & more experiment to understand nature & its processes because first experiment did not help human mind understand or any experiment is a detection process as a sequential time process? Is it possible to detect before any cycle comes to end? Next question any cycle has only sequential (expansive) part or something else too? Isn’t Observation points out that without interaction and so without colliding (compression) , rebounding & its expansion doesn’t manifest ? Don’t we have to consider all part of cycle or one which is we detect is sufficient? Do we see that very first phase as compression in instant (simultaneous time) cannot be detect by any means? Ignorance of taking space as empty due to non detection is the main reason radiation based technology exists today? Is that the main reason not understanding simultaneous time we rely on only one portion of cycle which is (not total information) sequential in nature and led us to all confusion & misunderstanding and killing trees & forests, animals, humans to write its interpretation also brought limited understanding to limited efficiency technology proving harmful to all walk of life and breaking all patterns of nature very instant? Isn’t relying on sequential time and again verbal and interpretation (all are increasing time activity) to comprehend simultaneous time possible? Do we see that we have to take in consideration all three part of cycle to see that whole? Do we see that simultaneous part of a cycle only can be calculated? Isn’t it right thing or responsible thing to do is change the way we see phenomena? Isn’t it responsible action to accept our mistake (rely on sequential time only) and not consideration of other two as a part of whole or total cycle? what is it that prevent us to see(comprehend ) that whole system as universe same is human body and it is a moving system must be connected and only way possible to connect the whole moving system in a cycle must be connected through dimensionless ratio from within? Pls explore & investigate profound research at http://www.kapillavastu.com reveals all spectrum of nature up to 50 decimal precision and its integration to currant education & peaceful maximum efficiency needful technological use for everyone’s welfare.



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