Art, Spirit and Sexuality

Art & Spirit & Sexuality – in becoming our best selves

Art and Spirituality – a perspective for the manager, parent, teacher & Personal Developer

‘”The good news is that on this site in CATEGORIES, INDEX or SEARCH there are

1000+ insights-ideas that you can put to work straight away.”

INTRO: Whether you are a manager, a parent, a teacher or a ‘personal developer’ you are responsible for the quality of someone else’s environment.  We exercise that responsibility in two ways.  Firstly via direct managing, parenting or teaching.  Secondly we do so via what and how we are.  Life brings with it the challenge to walk the path toward ‘becoming our best selves’ – in this we are someone else’s environment!

This site include art and spirituality and sexuality along with all of the other 1000+ themes of personal and professional development.

Art and Spirituality

Art and the spiritual are largely the same thing.

Both consist of subjective experience in which we lose our ego-boundary and become at-one with something greater and apparently ‘out there’.  This happens in both creative experience and aesthetic experience.

We also experience, of course, the experiences of other people’s subjective experience – in both their creation and in their aesthetic experiences.

Sexuality and Spirituality

Both are a desire for true union.

Art and sexuality

Both are generated via the sensual.

Both are dependent on knowing where to draw the line.

Art and spirituality and sexuality

All arise from the flow of the human spirit which in civilized societies is a matter of balance between Caring, Creativity and Criticality – realized in Community with others.

The good news is that on this site there are 1000+ ideas that you can put to work straight away.

“Why not use the SEARCH, CATEGORIES or INDEX to find the ideas for you?”

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