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The Inseparability of Awareness and Objects

Yesterday’s reflection stated, “Without this unnamable source, no object can be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, felt, experienced, or thought about.” The source referred to here is awareness itself.

As you are reading this reflection, notice that awareness is inseparable from everything it sees. Without awareness, this page, the words and letters on it and all the other sights, sounds, and smells in the room right now could not be experienced. Without awareness, the internal thoughts, emotions, and sensations experienced while reading this reflection could not happen.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, or like or dislike, what this reflection is saying, the agreement/disagreement and like/dislike could not be experienced without awareness. Awareness is inseparable from (not independent of) the objects appearing in it. Can you really tell where awareness ends and objects begin?

Awareness is like the screen on which a movie appears. When you attach only to the objects and characters in the movie, you miss the screen. You miss the source of life — the canvas on which the objects and characters are being displayed. Yet when you fixate on the screen only, and try to deny the objects, you miss the vast beauty and diversity of form in the play of life.

Instead of fixating on either awareness or the objects, simply notice that they are an inseparable reality. They are “not two.” In that realization, there is nothing left to seek. That is wholeness.

~ From: Reflections of the One Life, by Scott Kiloby http://www.kiloby.com/

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