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It’s a Big Day when you realize I = Awareness

“You are primal awareness. Life is only primal awareness. Between two thoughts or two perceptions you are. You know moments in your life when a thought completely disappears into silence, but still you are.” (The Ease of Being, 13) – http://www.nonduality.com/klein.htm

Jean Klein was Francis Lucille’s teacher who was Rupert Spira‘s teacher.

Compare to Professor Deikman’s article ‘I = Awareness’ which is HERE 

Arthur J. Deikman, 1 Department of Psychiatry, University of California.

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Within the One Garden model of ‘interfaith as inter-spiritual living’ we see the core teachings of the world’s great traditions very simply as; Awaken more, Detach from ego more, and Serve others better. Awaken is the realization of awareness Ono excellent contemporary spiritual teacher is Rupert Spira. In this video he answers the question; “What is awareness?’

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Rupert Spira 280 + YouTube videos

Go to http://www.rupertspira.com/ for an absolute treasure trove!

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Please watch this video for this week’s session;

Rupert’s sites are: http://www.rupertspira.com / http://www.sajahapublications.com

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