Stuck? – let go that guilt tripping



“If the inner mind is not deluded, then outer deeds will not be wrong.” attributed as a Tibetan Buddhist Teaching. (Desmond Biddulph 1001 Pearls of Buddhist Wisdom No. 770)

Self care is necessary if our ‘light is to shine through’ as old hymns used to tell us. It is also a prerequisite if we are to be there for others effectively.

We should bring our self to account each day as the Baha’i teachings teach – but beware becoming frozen through diffuse & unwarranted guilt.

Guilt can be a hiding place, a layer of ego, a dimension of the false self.

Why let go our false self?  Because we are part of the context or environment that shapes other people’s lives. We can’t be a good lover of others if we are inwardly choking on self – the energy, chi, life-force is stuck. We need to forgive ourselves and free up the stuck life-force so that we can serve others more deeply.

Unwarranted guilt is just another form of ego – the delusion is that we are an entity that is self-subsisting.  Only Ultimate Reality – God if you prefer – is Self-subsisting.  ‘We interbeing are,” as the beloved Thich Nhat Hanh says and we do not have the right to hide our light under a bushel – or anywhere else!


I = Awareness – coming home, back to Now is to ‘rest as Awareness’

OH JOY: – from the Coen Brothers ‘The Ladykillers’ this great gospel version;

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