0.0.1 – 60 seconds meditation for really busy people

Take a minute out of the hustle and hassle.

Be still – starting with a few moments.

Light is light for us all.

Let your breath breathe you – now.

Imagine your mind as a movie-theatre.

Witness each thought-feeling that arises

enters on the movie screen, left or right, up or down.

Say to each thought-feeling that arises’

“Hello. Thank-you. Goodbye.”

See the thought-feeling exit left, or right, from the movie-theatre.


Breathe the breathing.

Let the breathing breathe you.

Sense the whole to which we all belong.

Invite the quietness.

Be still.


Breathe your trans-form-ation.

Give thanks.

Return to the here-and-now.


On returning we find there are only concepts –

“Concepts are delicious snacks with which

we try to alleviate our amazement.”

(A J Heschel)

We fly with two wings the nonduality of ‘oneness via meditation’ and the duality of ‘me and my concepts’

Both wings are needed.

When we, meditatively, are in amazement/awe/wonderment we are at-one, nondual, ego-less.

When we return to thought as in ‘I-me’, ‘I-IT’, ‘I-we’, ‘I-thou’, ‘I-me’ thought-forms – we have duality, subject and object.

Neither is bad, each is a wing though which to fly.

Nonduality is where we let go, and let the Universe, the Source, the Whole, Ultimate Reality, God (choose your preferred term).

Duality is where we chop wood, carry water, do the laundry, earn a living………………….


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