0.1.2 Contemplative Study Process

This study format was decided upon by a SoulNeeds study group;

1 Short period of silence (just discovered 1 min = approx 20 breaths!)

2 TEXT – experienced via ‘whole-person reading’ (based on lectio divinia & ‘looking & listening for the inner light’)

a) Read text slowly

b) Quietly absorb and ponder

c) Listen to what it is saying to you –

express aloud if you wish but no dialogue

d) Listen for your response, formulate it & express it –

express aloud if you wish but no dialogue until after Step 3

3 Short silence – each can use choice of SHORT phrases from chosen text for repetition

4 Dialogue – as per philosophical inquiry

5 Final Short silence

NB For the truly holistic the experience gained from the group should be followed up over the week with some form of creative work.  The following week one or more of the participant’s creative work can form part of the text for another week.  I have used this system with children and it is incredibbly powerful – middle school children were working at the level of  GCSE or even ‘A’ level!


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