Holistic Education HE modules – in development

Handout for presentation Sat 31st Guerrand-Hermès Foundation

Hi – I look forward to meeting you all on Sat 31st Jan.  I have sent a PDF of the introduction of my PhD – it was written to be an overview. This handout is to supplement that – to take account of some of the developments since 2003.  My presentation, and our discussion, has the title;

Theorizing your practice and practising your theory:

values & philosophies underpinning holistic education as a movement.

The focus of the presentation is on articulating a model of education based on ‘living out your values in your practice ‘and ‘practising your theory and theorizing your practice‘ – with an emphasis on managing the classroom process.

1) SunWALK is the core model in my work – it is the product of several decades of teaching, searching, and of my PhD.  It is also the model at the core of all of my interests – including art, education and universal spirituality. It is a meta-model as well as a model per se.


SunWALK at its simplest:

1) The model is designed to provide the teacher (and learner) with a framework with which to;

a)  plan

b)  manage the teaching process and

c)  govern processes of assessment and evaluation

2) The model of education is governed by a model of what it is to be human.

1) SunWALK is about raising consciousness. It is a way of representing

a)  human interiority – how energy, the human spirit, flows within us, but there is also

b) the external co-equivalent – as in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities sections of universities .

We internalize Caring, Creativity & Criticality and a sense of community and culture and we also live in various forms of community, and corresponding cultural milieus.

The 3 Cs are the 3 ‘modes of being’ and ‘ways of engaging’ – with self, others and the world-at-large. We engage Caringly, Creatively & Critically. These are the 3 internalizations of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences in the 4th C – Community. Internally the 3Cs are the WE voice, the I voice and IT voice.

2) We engage via our ‘Sun’, our internalized beliefs & (higher-order) values – or their absence.

3) The WALK = the psychological goal of nurturing to achieve Wise & willing Action through Loving and Knowing. (WALK includes the idea of FLOW and psycho-spiritual integration).

4) One-sentence version: The SunWALK (meta) model of Holistic, Human-centred or Person-centred education suggests that we should learn & teach & learn via a balanced use of the following 14 elements. So, education using SunWALK =

The storied development of   

2)     meaning,

3)     constructed, and de-constructed,

4)     physically, mentally & spiritually, through

5)     Wise &

6)     Willing

7)     Action, via

8)     Loving and

9)     Knowing – developed in

10)   Community through 

11)   Dialectical Spiritualization processes (in all 4Cs) – all undertaken in

12)   the light of the ‘Sun’ of (chosen)

13)   higher-order values and beliefs, using

14)   the best available, appropriate, content.

The black dot symbolizes the mystery, and potential at the heart of each of us.



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