2) NATURAL HEALTH matters and a battle to survive IPF

Health Matters – including surviving IPF (re IPF see HERE)

Dr Mercola’s many articles are HERE

Use the ‘Search’ box top left on each page to find topics that interest you.

All 6 projects are about celebrating the human spirit – my major work on the human spirit is HERE

The 6 projects are;

1) Wisdom matters (‘One Garden’),

2) Health matters (surviving IPF),

3) Social Justice matters,

4) Art matters 5) Re-human-izing education matters &

6) Personal Development matters

2 thoughts on “2) NATURAL HEALTH matters and a battle to survive IPF

  1. Hi Roger
    I have enjoyed your extensive research on Baha’i education and in general spiritual development. I am a Baha’i living in Canada and was influenced greatly by Richard St. Barbe Baker. Anyway I saw you are dealing with a health issue and that you were open to various healing approaches. I wonder if you have ever come across the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, which I am part of here. I find it very good and is very in line with what Abdu’l-Baha says about spiritual healing. If want more info just email me.

    Ps just met Nina Harvey–here to marry a person in our community!


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