CONSCIOUSness Jung’s definition

BREATH-MANTRA: Inbreath “dual”.  Outbreath – “Oneness”


…..everything I know, but of which I am not at the moment thinking; everything of which I was once conscious but have now forgotten; everything perceived by my senses, but not noted by my conscious mind; everything which, involuntarily and without paying attention to, I feel, think, remember, want, and do; all the future things that are taking shape in me and will sometime come to consciousness; all this is the content. – from Carl Jung, (in Storr 1999 p. 425)

This is a description of self as ‘object’.  A nondual teacher like Rupert Spira would see this as stuff that arises that at best needs to be watched as the witnessing self and then let go in order to better rest in the awareness of awareness.

What is the proper use of the stuff described by Jung if we feel that we as humans, in this world, are quite properly two-winged beings dual and nondual?  Are we more one as two-winged birds?

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