Are you managing?

‘”The good news is that on this site in CATEGORIES, INDEX or SEARCH there are

1000+ ideas that you can put to work straight away.”

The vast majority of the 1000+ themes on this site are relevant to you as a manager – relevant to your personal or professional development.

In brief the model here – my SunWALK PDS (People Development System) sees management as maximising the energy that flows through each of those you manage – and through the team as a whole.

Energy flows – work gets done, results, achievement.  Energy blocked – work rate, performance and results go down.

The managers job is to get things done through keeping that flow of energy maximized.

That means paying attention to the human issues as well as the technicalities of getting things done.

You manage – more or less – the team’s ability to grow, to development, to become high-functioning.  You – more or less – enable or disable individuals to enage and progress their own personal and professional devlopment.

Your management is as good as your development – check out that you aren’t the blockage!

The good news is that on this site are ideas that you can put to work straight away.

“1000+ insights – use the SEARCH, CATGORIES or INDEX to find the best ideas for you? “