Agenda 6 – 999 Group

Agenda – Street Photography 999 Group – 21st Feb 2012 

1 Preliminaries?

2 Let’s look at, ‘The Street Photography shot of yours that means the most to you.’

3 Let’s look quickly at what is in the Thomas Leuthard 85mm competition –

Double Self Portrait

4 Re-cap – What for you is Street Photography?
What is similar to but not quite SP?

5 The  ‘Photo-book to Google images’ process;

Q:          What do you take a photograph with?

Answer: We take photographs with our sensibility.

The reason it’s vital looking at other photographers is vital that the ‘dialogue’ we have with them is the chief way to extend or refine our sensibility.

Sensibility determines how you a) read photographs and b) what photographs you ‘find’.  We see what we are, photographs find us according to what we are.

EXAMPLE PhotoBook p383    Never consciously looked at this guy Jacob Riis before!

An ancient lodger in Eldridge Street with the plank on which she slept (1890 NY)

I will now look at such photographers as Bill Brandt, and other social documentary photographers, in the knowledge that Jacob Riis was a photographic forbear.  Think also of CentrePoint and homelessness – the two TV plays Poor Cow & Cathy Come Home (dir. Ken Loach).  It’s all about raising consciousness – as is great photography.

EXTRA:  see –

Riis was trying to raise the consciousness of his fellow New Yorkers about the plight of the poor a little after Charles Dickens was raising consciousness, via his novels, in London.

6 Any other items that were in recent Newsletter.                  inPublic ?

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