STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 999 – Mark II – New improved recipe!

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 999 – Mark II – New improved recipe!

Ver as at 20th Feb 2012

From feedback it is clear that the majority people do like the way the group was developing.  We will be a smaller group of those who want to go ‘wider and deeper’.  (Although we could have the group fortnightly for some and weekly for others>)

We should thank Jacki & Ted for their warm hospitality, but after a week or two, when the gardening season starts we have a new venue – actually we have 3 from which to choose.   (Photo ‘We bathe in the same light’ – RP  NB Double-click on photo to see large version)

So in outline (as if we were telling a potential new member) the Street Photography 999 Mark II has the same core principles – The ABC will be exactly as before.

We are  about;

Supporting each other in developing our creativity in the art of (Street) Photography via;

a) Taking photographs & sharing & discussing them with others

b) Taking inspiration from great or good photographers

c) Sharing techie help – or finding a (wo)man who can!

We use Flickr.

We socialize & discuss our ‘photographic week’ – not just our photographs but stuff we’ve realized or learned.

For this year we are using this book The Photo Book by Ian Jeffrey, pub. Phaidon 

Members are asked to get a copy.  There are two sizes (they are identical in content – 500 top photographers) small print version is HERE, larger print version is HERE     On Amazon £6 and £13.88 respectively.  I’m sure you will go back time and time again to this book for the whole of your photographic life!

We will use the BBC’s The Genius of Photography DVD, and other good documentaries about photography.

We focus mainly on Street Photography but stay relaxed about occasional forays into other forms.

We are NOT academic but occasionally read the odd article.

We look at and take inspiration from ‘the great, and the good’ – women and men who are masters of photography with whom to dialogue and from whom we can get inspiration.

We meet weekly – if someone can’t come on a particular week so be it – no sweat, no pack drill!

We concern ourselves more with meaning than techie details – but still aim for technical excellence.

We aim to provide for those who want to go deeper and wider.

We are primarily about still photography but enjoy occasional video and a/v presentations.

We aim to get the most out of our involvement in SPS, and provide for extra social and learning needs.

We will occasionally go together on shoots, visit galleries and exhibitions.

We aim above all to support each other on the journey of enjoying and developing our photography – and the challenge of continuously developing.


My thanks to those members who have been supportive.  I hope you think I’ve done a good job taking your views into account and melding them together – it hasn’t been easy!   Tell me if I’ve forgotten important issues.


Below are some of the positive views expressed to me, upon which Street Photography 999, Mark II is based


I absolutely love what we are doing and what you are teaching us and would love to move as fast as possible and go deeper and wider.


I am very happy

with the way that our little group is forming.

What I want; to

give and receive to/from the group is Doing it & Showing

pix, Getting Inspiration for pix from any source; Techniques and


I try to have

fun with my fotos; try to let them tell story, create a mood or raise a



at this stage 5-6 is not bad for a start up,


we should bash on doing brilliant work,

promoting it,


…Smaller group = more time for the individual. Right?


“I’m like a kid in a sweet shop!”


Thought I’d just let you know, I think your “abc” is great and your Mark II outline is exactly right.  I think you’ve managed to encompass exactly what we are aiming for as a group.  Well done and keep up the good work!!

Thanks for giving consideration to my comments about how often we meet etc – that was very helpful.  I hope to attend as often as possible, but please would you be kind enough to keep me in the group e-mail link for the weekly projects etc. so that I can still take part as and when.

Thanks for your input and hard work on our behalf and also to Jackie and Ted for hosting us.


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