Your vision will become clear

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Carl Jung

Photo by Bruno on Unsplash

We each are a ‘Buddha’ – if we let go sufficently of ‘the mud of accumulated negatives’ so that our True Self can flower.

See my book;

Daily Soul Food: mindfulness ways for knowing your true Self (DSF). Knowing your Self was never so simple or so profound. Practice-based DSF can help us see our hurts and negatives as challenges to transform spiritual stress & anxiety through deeper experiences of realizing Oneness. DSF is for those ‘independent seekers’ who feel themselves ‘spiritual but not religious’ and those who are sick of what degenerate forms of religion have been doing but who still appreciate the Perennial Wisdom found in Baha’í, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Sufi-Islamic, Taoist & other sources.This unique book shows the way to recover & restore what got de-tuned in us through hurts & other negative stuff. It uses the wisdom of great teachers, as you walk your own personal ‘Inter-spiritual Way’ to inspire heart, head & soul. At its core is learning to rest the mind in Nondual Presence. When you gaze at a star-filled night sky, or sit in front of a beautiful landscape, or get captured by the smile of a baby or young child, you can lose all sense of your ‘self’. But as time goes on the mirror of our heart-mind gathers veils of dust. As John Lennon said; ‘Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.’ With your copy of DSF you can practice inner-decluttering. The many meditations in the book bring together the spiritual practices and wisdom of many of the world’s most outstanding spiritual teachers, focused on your uniqueness. DSF is a self-help bridge into teachings that are easy to apply, as we practice and study mindfulness in our day-to-day lives. Oneness-based living, rooted in Perennial Wisdom, can take us to our True Self. The journey is into Nondual being.

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