Is this man the greatest activist for peace in our time? Can he help you act in the cause of peace?

If you are committed to helping peace come about please convey this alternative stance and policy to your politicians.

It is developed by a man brave enough to go, with his son, and spend 10 days inside ISIL the Islamic State. Every government should appoint him as their number one advisor.

His advice includes;
‘first know your enemy’, (Western leaders are making foolish mistakes out of ignorance),
we must win the ideology war especially by showing young muslims that ISIL is deeply anti-islamic and in complete contradiction to the Koran,
Muslims have to sort out the mess not outsiders,
Western aggression only adds fuel to the fire.

The link below is for those in the UK – if you are elsewhere look on YouTube or Google Jürgen Todenhöfer.


A brief bio is HERE –

Is this the ultimate coal face of ‘interfaith as inter-spiritual living’?

2 thoughts on “Is this man the greatest activist for peace in our time? Can he help you act in the cause of peace?

  1. “Islamic State” fighters seem to be “Islamic Radicals” so I wouldn’t say they are not Muslims or not following at least some teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophet. They are, like factions within Christianity, Judaism and even Buddhism, “Murderers for God.” Some of that comes directly from the ancient “holy books.” Denying that or re-labeling them doesn’t really help, does it?


  2. Thanks Chris for commenting. A main point of the call by the brave Jürgen Todenhöfer is to persuade would-be fighters that ISIL is not Islam, or is at least a very perverted version. If we can persuade Muslims to join with others in creating an alternative narrative and ideology it might save huge numbers of lives. If there is no legitimization of acts that might pale Hitler and the Nazis into insignificance then peace might be given a chance. Western bombing only supplies justification. We need a 1000 more balanced ‘theologians/cultural specialists’ rather than 1000 more bombers. No one is saying its easy but had the West not carried out its invasions might we have a less dangerous world? Adding more fuel isn’t going to make the Islamic world love the West more – is it?

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