Dear Ed or Dave NESTA and the RSA show you how you can be successful as Prime Minister

Would you like a UK government that resembles the best of the rest?  I would.  Here are a set of very intelligent suggestions (which is why you Ed, or Dave, will probably repeat the stuff that has given us the current mess). (RP)

Streamed live on 22 Apr 2015

Once the dust has settled from the General Election, whoever is Prime Minister will face an important choice: how to organise and run the centre of government.

The centre of government may seem like a wonkish preoccupation, but will be essential to governing effectively, making good election promises, and restoring trust in politics.

In a letter to the next (or indeed re-elected Prime Minister, Nesta suggests a range of transformative changes to how centre of government works, from the establishment of new super-ministers to the abolition of HM Treasury.

Read the letter here:…

Speakers to include: Geoff Mulgan, chief executive, Nesta
Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA

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