What Would a Moral Israel Look Like?

Please help circulate this article which was turned down by The Huffington Post – written by Shaikh Kabir Helminski, a regular blogger of the HP. It seems that the HP’s huffing- is very censored and very one-sided!

soul in progress

[This article was written during the first days of the current Gaza Massacre, then sent to Huffington Post and then politely declined without comment. I was invited to be a blogger for Huffington Post and have posted articles about every six months for several years. I naively thought that the Huffington Post was a forum for ideas. Given what has happened since, this article seems very mild.]

One of the east horrible images I could find One of the least horrible images I could find. If you really want to see what it’s really like, see below:


What would a moral Israel look like? Could there be an Israel that would gain the love and respect of the world? Could Israel, for instance, redeem itself as South Africa has? Yes, it could. The answer will seem naïve to some. What has been described as a complex and intractable situation, really, is not.

A moral Israel could ask the…

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