Wow…..here am I, ensconced in my little villa in Goa, reading this recent post from you Roger. Well – you’ve provided a hugely enticing tidbit of something that is no longer physically available to me on a weekly basis at FMH since my last attendance a week ago. But it was very nourishing & thought provoking (as all the meetings are).

Solipsistically musing, I wondered which group I slotted into? Did I come seeking therapy (nope) did I mistake different ideas, views & thoughts as disagreement? Nope.. Its true that I said I just didn’t ‘get’ Ken Wilbur, having never read him before – and oh how glad I am that One Garden is such a broad church & that even a semi literate philosophy novice like me is made welcome – to such an extent that I dared to voice my lone, maybe heretic impression without fear of being mocked, ignored or derided. What a liberating environment is provided there!

I’ve barely unpacked here, the weather’s steaming hot (just as I like it) & I haven’t had time to feel the absence of that weekly dose of healing, inspiring, nurturing, thought provoking One Garden yet – but I fear I will!! I’m hoping to find the courage to act on your suggestion that I start a free weekly discussion group on something simple & widely read like Eckhart Tolle, or Thich Nat Hahn. This would be a big leap for me, but you reassured me with ideas of how to make it self-led each week, with a different topic of focus.. Aaargh…watch this space to see if I can pluck up the courage to go ahead with this.

Warm wishes from Jane 💥