Wow…..here am I, ensconced in my little villa in Goa, reading this recent post from you Roger. Well – you’ve provided a hugely enticing tidbit of something that is no longer physically available to me on a weekly basis at FMH since my last attendance a week ago. But it was very nourishing & thought provoking (as all the meetings are).

Solipsistically musing, I wondered which group I slotted into? Did I come seeking therapy (nope) did I mistake different ideas, views & thoughts as disagreement? Nope.. Its true that I said I just didn’t ‘get’ Ken Wilbur, having never read him before – and oh how glad I am that One Garden is such a broad church & that even a semi literate philosophy novice like me is made welcome – to such an extent that I dared to voice my lone, maybe heretic impression without fear of being mocked, ignored or derided. What a liberating environment is provided there!

I’ve barely unpacked here, the weather’s steaming hot (just as I like it) & I haven’t had time to feel the absence of that weekly dose of healing, inspiring, nurturing, thought provoking One Garden yet – but I fear I will!! I’m hoping to find the courage to act on your suggestion that I start a free weekly discussion group on something simple & widely read like Eckhart Tolle, or Thich Nat Hahn. This would be a big leap for me, but you reassured me with ideas of how to make it self-led each week, with a different topic of focus.. Aaargh…watch this space to see if I can pluck up the courage to go ahead with this.

Warm wishes from Jane 💥


  1. You were there in spirit if not in body Jane – we missed you. Take the big leap and start your sister group – what a wonderful opportunity to glean the points of mutual understanding in two different cultures. I feel deeply connected to each member of our group – maybe because each one leaves ego at the door – but whatever differences of opinion there are there is always harmony, and that is what is so rich and life enhancing for me. Hope you have the same experience there. Namaste, Marion


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