A mountain, waterfall, and gravel "river" at Daisen-in (1509–1513)

Cuttings – the newsletter for the One Garden groups

One Garden – meditation and dialogue for interspirituality

In the One Garden groups Ken along with Tolle, Teasdale & Aldous Huxley is our ‘mapper’ of the interspiritual territory

RP For the most part his critics are fleas trying to bite an elephant!

Hi Everyone


Yesterday we had a great crowd and a great experience at our One Garden meeting. The session gave us, in my view, the highest level of dialogue since we started approx. 110 sessions ago – not least because of the contributions from Shelley from Seattle who was visiting Toni & Lee.

We hope Shelley will stay with us as an online member.

It is interesting to compare the experience of yesterday with that of a couple of weeks ago when we had what I called a ‘group satori’. Both were in response to extracts by Ken Wilber.

Two weeks ago it was multiple-aha moments.
Yesterday, for me at least, was pure intellectuality experienced as spirituality.

One way of looking at such experiences is as transcendence of state of being – via, a shifting of ‘poles’. You can see it as grace, a gift, or simply as a high level of a-tune-ment within a group.

Another characteristic of such a group experience we could call ‘one-mind’ in which the group transcends into a whole and acts as a single mind.

I have experienced such a ‘cross-over’ experience very few times in 50 years of studying & teaching spirituality. Outstandingly one such event was in teaching creative writing and PFC (Philosophy for Children) with so-called mixed-ability children in an RC middle school – spread over two short lessons. Luckily I videoed the two lessons and I have what most teachers don’t have (or i some cases don’t want!) the most significant moment, lesson, day, week in a long, & largely enjoyable teaching career.


As many of you know I came to see interiority as ‘heart-mind’. I had the value of this underlined by being shown by a friend that the Chinese got there, as with so many things, a long time ago;

We use ‘heart-mind’ to translate xin. This is because the philosophical psychology of ancient China did not use a cognitive/affective contrast in their talk of well-honed human performance…’ (page 97)
Hansen, C. (1989) Language in the Heart-Mind, in R.E. Allison (ed.) Understanding the Chinese Mind, Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, pp. 75-123.

‘The common translation of xin as heart-mind reflects the blending of belief and desire (thought and feeling, ideas and emotions) into a single complex dispositional potential.’ (page 20)
Hansen, C. (1992) A Daoist Theory of Chinese Thought, a philosophical interpretation, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

(Tweaked from an earlier article here https://sunwalked.wordpress.com/6-personal-development-matters/new/faqs-to-the-underlying-sunwalk-model-of-holistuic-education/)


You tell me! (Please.)

Putting it positively – Possible pre-requisites for such group experiences include: a feeling of relaxation (of being at home perhaps) a sufficient number of participants?, sufficiently inspiring extracts, relaxation, some early humour and laughter?

Putting it negatively – Low levels of neediness, neuroticism, egoism in any of its forms etc also help!

Possible other trip-ups might include one or more individuals mistaking the purpose of the group e.g. thinking a meditation and dialogue group is a therapy session (that is different to the fact that probably most of us take therapeutic benefits from sessions)

It seems it doesn’t matter if the group facilitator has a return of ‘bronchitis’ or for a second time makes a hash of the photocopying!

Whatever! – just lets’s hope we have a few more such uplifting sessions! I look forward to hearing your reflections

Tomorrow Friday, by request from Toni, we will continue with Mike’s presentation of the penultimate chapter of the Mystic Heart – it gives us an extra week to get and read Heschel’s Who is Man

On Wednesday next we will continue being inspired by extracts from Wilber and then start with a series we could call ‘One Text’.

ONE-TEXT as a ‘course’ for future Wednesdays

That is we will try to find one text for each of the major wisdom traditions. So far we have identified;

The Sermon on the Mount – Christianity

The Bhagavad Gita – Hinduism

The Dhammapada – Buddhism

Ibn Arabi and/or Rumi – Sufism

The Hidden Words and/or the Seven Valleys – Baha’i

Please make further recommendations.

BillClintonBIO-75.jpg"If ordinary people don’t perceive that our grand ideas are working in their lives then they can’t
develop the higher level of consciousness, to use a term that American philosopher Ken Wilber wrote a whole book about. He said, you know, the problem is the world needs to be more integrated, but it requires a consciousness that’s way up here, and an ability to see beyond the differences among us."

-President Bill Clinton

You may have heard that Ken Wilber has a very serious illness – we thought IPF was bad – he has written a description HERE

This is why Ken’s voice has changed in recent videos.

This one is I think early in the illness

YouTube note – Uploaded on 11 Apr 2009

Ken Wilber expands on the nature of "I am ness" or the pure "Self"; ultimate identity – while also describing the role of development in spiritual growth.

See HERE for more about Ken Wilber

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