National Geographic : The Man Who Swims With Crocodiles v The ‘bear man’

Published on 18 Sep 2013

I do not own this video,for,education purposes only : They say you should never smile at a crocodile, but Costa Rican fisherman Chito decided to ignore what happened to Captain Hook and attempt to tame a crocodile. Believe it or not, he managed to do so. The fact that he nursed the animal back to health after discovering him blinded by the bullet of a hunter over 20 years ago probably helped. Now people come from far and wide to see the boys in action, and you can see what they get up thanks to National Geographic.

I’m wondering what this can teach us about human spiritual development?

A modern St Francis?

Does Chito have more of the necessary spiritual qualities than say Grizzly Man – Timothy Treadwell – in Werner Herzog’s brilliant docu-drama?

Published on 31 Jul 2012

A docudrama that centers on amateur grizzly bear expert Timothy Treadwell. He periodically journeyed to Alaska to study and live with the bears. He was killed, along with his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, by a rogue bear in October 2003. The films explores their compassionate lives as they found solace among these endangered animals.

Which qualities come to mind – sincerity, balance, other focusedness, authenticity, bullshit, self-absorption etc. ?

Or does the difference lie in the two kinds of animal?

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