Is it time to ditch Google? Have they become the new Microsoft?

When I first got Gmail it was great – you felt that you not only had a great product but were allying yourself with an ethical company.

The most recent changes are an abomination. ( E.g. –
It now takes 4 times as long to check emails –
and personally
feel that I have completely lost control of emails. I am missing stuff that I never missed before)

They have now started adding ads to your inbox.

They now seem to care only about more and more profits and less and less what customers want.

They are soon going to rival Microsoft in the level of detestation they attract.

Everyone says Yahoo has come on by leaps and bounds.

Google wake up – stop being tyrants! You used to have some claim to ethical procedure and integrity – that has now dwindled to near zero.

The tyranny with which they
treat customers, their
greed, their
failure to pay taxes properly all
seem to
now make them
no better than the worst of the internationals.

Only if there is a storm of protest will they listen – please write to them and add your voice of protest now!

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