Breaking Bad has ended – great articles for those of us with a sense of loss

The ending was brilliant – as several have said ‘Revenge, Redemption, Release’.  The release is ours from the grip of great story-telling, great acting & great everything – the whole series is a triumph.

SALON’s coverage of Breaking Bad is brilliant. Great review by Jen Chaney – and many more articles linked to page below.


The satisfying, tear-jerking ‘Breaking Bad’ finale – according to Jan Chaney

Walt finally revealed who all his crimes were really for — but showed he still had some humanity left

The satisfying, tear-jerking ( picture
Credit: Salon/Benjamin Wheelock) – What a great drawing by Benjamin Wheelock – stunning – Mr Chips has become Scarface – as was Vince Gilligan’s intention in the whole drama.

Jan starts her article;

Now we know.

Thanks to the breathlessly anticipated, satisfying finale of “Breaking Bad,” we now know who was meant to receive the ricin Walt snatched from his only daughter’s former bedroom: Lydia, who, as predicted by many, dumped the slowly fatal poison into her tea, thinking it was mere Stevia. Finally, one of Walt’s ricin-related plans went off without a single hitch.


CLICK HERE to read the article

Also in SALON several other articles – don’t miss David Sirota’s Walter White’s Sickness Mirrors America article –

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