What do you think Interspirituality is?

Brother Wayne Teasdale coined the term ‘interspirituality and defined it as;

‘…the sharing of ultimate experiences across traditions.’ p26 The Mystic Heart by Bro Wayne Teasdale

That’s fine – no question.

I think of interspirituality as the challenge to interfaith – to bring that laudable activity into the 21stC.

As such it enables people who are comfortable in a mainstream religion to also reach out in recognition of sameness in other faith paths. Bravo.

But what if it also pointed to a limitless 360 degree arena ‘at the summit of the mountain’ so that we are not cluttered with the cultural clothing of this religion or that?

Of course this Oneness is what the great mystics from all backgrounds have told us down through the ages – but few have had the eyes to see or the ears to hear.

We need a realization of this so powerful and so acceptable that it will stop the violence.

Any more feelings or thoughts on the distinctive nature of Interspirituality?