Woody Allen; “Students achieving Oneness will move on to Twoness.”

Wonder is important in our lives in two ways.

Wonder is both one and two, in the sense of singleness and dualities.

The One-ness = wonderment, is self-less, mystical, at-one-ment. There is no subject & object.

The two-ness is dialogic, with subject & object as in, “I wonder…” This is philosophy, which until modern times was always the love of wisdom, and science, a descendent of philosophy – and as they say in Zen ‘the ten thousand things’.

We need both states – which correlate to being and doing.

They need to be complementary – for us to be in harmony.

They are the two wings through which we can soar spiritually yet still be grounded.

Guess which one we have almost forgotten?

It seems that we do the latter better if we are having stronger experiences of Oneness, not least because as Aldous Huxley said ‘knowledge is a function of being’

"Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement." – Wittgenstein