Wilber on developing detached witnessing (during meditation)

‘…we simply assume a detached impartiality…if you are at all successful in developing this type of detached witnessing (it does take time), you will be able to look upon the events occurring in your mind-and-body with the very same impartiality that you would look upon clouds floating through the sky, water rushing in a stream, rain cascading on a roof, or any other objects in your field of awareness. In other words, your relationship to your mind-and-body becomes the same as your relationship to all other objects… by persistently looking at them, you realise that they are merely objects of awareness.’

(No Boundary p. 118):

3 thoughts on “Wilber on developing detached witnessing (during meditation)

  1. Thanks for posting this, I’m glad you did, somehow I didn’t notice it the first time – in my copy: ‘The Essential Ken Wilbur’ page 40. Isn’t it quite Buddhist? In its minimalism I mean… unusual for Wilbur to just leave it at that…


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