Not Jewish but want a ‘gateway’ to the beauty of Judaism? To whom do you look?

Heschel and King worked closely together in spiritually rooted prophetic opposition to racism, poverty, and militarism in American society. Like the biblical prophets,
they spoke truth to power – but also spoke truth to the disempowered, who can only win their fair share of democratic power by learning and acting on the truth. They spoke
truth to their own supporters, even when those supporters urged them to hush – as many did when they spoke out against the Vietnam War. The two of them witnessed to the
absolute unity of means and ends, as embodied in nonviolence. The two of them likewise demonstrated a deep unity of prayer and social action. SOURCE


In the One Garden groups our metaphor for interspirituality is that of a beautiful garden in which we deepen, via meditation and dialogue, our realization of Oneness.

We can gain access to the One Garden via several paths and via several ‘gate-keepers’. Mine include Tolle, Teasdale, Huxley & Wilber as ‘map-makers’ of the ‘interspiritual territory and other great teachers including Heschel, Shaikh Kabir Helminski, Abdu’l-Baha, Eknath Easwaran (Bhagavad Gita), Thich Nhat Hahn.

Of course there are potentially others, but these are the ones I came up with after many decades of searching. (Because my consultant has giving me a short prognosis I try not to get interested in too many others!)

Heschel’s book Who is Man is of preeminent importance for me because he provides the deepest and most beautiful answers to the most important of all questions; "What is it to be positively and fully human?"

Who is Man? is a series of lectures Heschel gave to a general i.e. a non-predominantly-Jewish audience.

For me Who is Man is the greatest help in answering that most important of questions, "What is it to be positively and fully human?" because;

Insofar as we in our lives answer this question we will be healed and be a healer.

Insofar as we respond to the spiritual demands in answering this question we will be bringers of light.

Insofar as we understand and live out the implications of a deep and comprehensive answer to the question we will be agents of peace and justice via truth, beauty and goodness.

The most important 2 Heschel books other than Who is Man for me are;

Man is Not Alone – HERE

God in Search of ManHERE

There are other fine books by Heschel if you get seriously interested – HERE

Heschel was also an agent of change, an activist. Here, second from the right he is seen marching with Martin Luther King in support of black rights at the famous Selma march;



I’ve just seen that Duke University obtained Heschel papers- see HERE – including this invitation to Heschel – with his name spelt incorrectly!

Heschel presenting an award to MLK


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