The State of Education in the USA – WIlliam J Bennett

Former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett points to 20 statistics which show that, despite thirty years of almost continuous reform, public education in the United States is still not doing an adequate job.

William J. Bennett


Student performance


  1. American 12th graders rank 19th out of 21 industrialized countries in mathematics achievement and 16th out of 21 nations in science. Our advanced physics students rank dead last.
  2. Since 1983, over 10 million Americans have reached the 12th grade without having learned to read at a basic level. Over 20 million have reached their senior year unable to do basic math. Almost 25 million have reached 12th grade not knowing the essentials of U.S. history.
  3. In the same period, over six million Americans dropped out of high school altogether. In 1996, 44% of Hispanic immigrants aged 16-24 were not in school and did not hold a diploma.

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