Interview: Claudio Naranjo on the Human Approach to Edcuation – from |

I’m so pleased that Jim has introduced us to Claudio Naranjo – I’m sure others will echo the idea of human-centred education – Roger

The RunningFather Blog

Claudio Naranjo

on the Human Approach to Edcuation

In this article, Claudio Naranjo refers to the relevance of including a human approach to all levels of edcuation, from primary to higher education worldwide.

1. What is the main thing that the new generations need to learn in order to contribute to a more sustainable and, thus, more equitable and compassionate world?

They need to learn to be human. We need education that will teach us to be human again, because we are currently undergoing a process of increasing dehumanisation. People are being replaced with numbers, and education is becoming an information-transmission process in which people work like robots.

We are neglecting the human factor when that is precisely what we should be emphasising and conveying. People won’t learn maths, languages or anything else if there isn’t a teacher to relate to, someone to love. As a result, we have…

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