Why we need the other religions – Paul Knitter

Christian theologian, Paul Knitter talks about the urgent need for inter-religious dialogue, and the increasingly common experience of dual religious belonging where believers follow more than one religious path. The interview was commissioned by Eureka Street, and sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Inter-Religious Dialogue in the Australian Catholic University.

3 Replies to “Why we need the other religions – Paul Knitter”

  1. This is an extraordinarily important video. Knitter’s understanding can help us all step over/around all sorts of boundaries and to collaborate, as he so clearly says. I certainly learn from other faiths than my own and carrying this understanding into action is one of the ways we can make the world a better place.


  2. Hi Caryn & Barney

    Thanks for commenting.

    Finding a key contemporary theologian helps me as a non-specialist in theology.

    I’m astonished that quite a few sites called Universalist actually mean ‘perhaps we as a Christian church might open ourselves to a few other Christian Churches!”

    Believing that there is Oneness behind all world views I’m starting groups under the banner of ‘One Garden’ – you’ve no idea how good it feels to not be defined by what we’re against! see here – http://universalistspirit.wordpress.com/universalism-q-as/

    Let’s stay connected, because we are part of Oneness and dialogue, of all sorts, is a key key!



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