Enjoyed your post a lot Paul.

We have discussed some of these issues in our ‘One Garden’ group. If the drop is absorbed by the ocean is that annihilation? In this world at least we live in, and learn through, dualities. The drop becomes individuated after the experience of no-self – and we endlessly pass back and forth between self and no-self. Self is good, at the very least it prevents u from bumping into the furniture. The no-self, or ‘presence’ in Eckhart Tolle terms, is there always – even when doing the laundry like a drone or bass line in music. Ecstasy lies through the laundry-doing. The really big question is, ‘What kind of individuality might we have if reasonably awakened in the after-life? Rather than annihilation no-self might better be thought of as the achievement of being and doing and thinking out of the higher self rather than the lower self?

Ultimately we are only united in silence!

All good wishes


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  1. Hi Roger, thank you for reading and commenting on this post. Certainly an interesting question–what kind of individuality might we have in the afterlife if awakened? I wonder? We’re rather fortunate here in Vienna to have the Theravada School run by Ven. Seelawansa (a very experienced Buddhist monk). He was off in Sri-Lanka when our conversation arose, and I’m sure he would have had something to say about it, as he might to your question.

    I suppose Nirvana might be considered the after-life, because our existence has come about through desire, and continues until desire has been extinguished and enlightenment is achieved. As to what this afterlife experience might be like or if the individual ceases to exist–I found this quote (published in All About Buddhism, S. Dhammika) attributed to Buddha:

    There is no measuring of one who has gone.
    That by which one might speak of him
    No longer exists
    When all phenomena have been removed
    Than all ways of describing are removed also


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