Jewish Spirituality – 10 Ways to Be a Spiritual Person by Micah D. Greenstein

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Jewish Spirituality – 10 Ways to Be a Spiritual Person by Micah D. Greenstein

Key Quotes for Readers with Limited Time

Spirituality is where you and God meet and what you do about it.

In classical Hebrew Jewish spirituality, there is only one world, that is simultaneously material and spiritual.

Jewish spirituality is an approach to life in which we strive to become aware of God’s presence and purpose in everything. It doesn’t imply a removal from the everyday.

Each time a Jew recites a blessing, they are basically saying, "Pay attention, something awesome is happening all around us." In this way you realize, again and again, that our everyday world is full of mysteries and wonder.

We’ve never found a better way of finding out about God and coming close to God than by finding new meaning in the Torah and trying to understand its teaching.

The main point I want to make tonight is that Jewish spirituality is practical…If spirituality is about a deeper connection with God and you are literally God’s helping hand, then your job spiritually is to repair what needs to be repaired in this broken world.

By performing a deed that is counter-intuitive with the spiritual, by performing a material deed, it can bring you closer to God and change you. These Holy deeds are Judaism’s way of realizing the holiness hidden everywhere, and a way of repairing creation.

Ten list of what it means to be a spiritual person today:

Number One—to view the world as an ultimate mystery rather than as a mechanized machine.

Number Two—to view life as meaningful rather than meaningless.

Number Three—to view life as a lesson in gratitude.

Number Four—giving as a matter of obligation for what you owe, not as something that is nice to do.

Number Five—to realize that mind, body, and soul are all gifts of God.

Number Six—acknowledge life’s mysteries, even the questions that have no answers.

Number Seven—trust in the goodness of life and all the potential this implies.

Number Eight —always hope and never succumb to despair.

Number Nine—believe that honesty, integrity and dignity matter more than anything else.

Number Ten—entails the belief that every person carries with them the special signature of God.

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