Neil Postman interview – education as cure for stupidity – pt. 1

Teaching as a Subversive Activity is still one of the great books on education – perhaps more relevant today than when it was first published, given the swinging-brick hearts and minuscule intellects of so many education ministers.

In this video Neil Postman explains that teachers today are where doctors were 300 years ago in that they don't know how to make people intelligent/healthy. 

Science soon allowed doctors to focus on helping people avoid sickness. Similarly, Postman proposes that teachers focus on helping people avoid stupidity. This can be done, he claims, by training teachers to recognize and to correct stupid language, "balderdash" is the term he decides on, whenever they encounter it in children.

The paper he refers to – The Educationist as Painkiller – can be read here –

pt.2 – 

full interview –

Check him out; 

"new technology can never substitute for human values."

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