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Visited Hudson & Bridges for the first time last Saturday – loved it. A great write up from the Coffee-Pot & Kettle!

Originally posted on Coffee Pot & Kettle:

I’ve been meaning to visit Hudson & Bridges for ages but it had been closed for renovation for quite some time, so it wasn’t until yesterday that I made my first visit.

This corner café, presumably named after Mr Hudson and Mrs Bridges of Upstairs Downstairs, looks interesting from outside: bright paint and a glimpse of rococo wallpaper through the window, but inside I got quite a surprise. There was stuff everywhere, and not decorative stuff or ephemera in the manner of, say, Treacle & Co, but foodie stuff: sandwiches by the door then a big tureen of carrot and ginger soup of the day, bread from the Real Patisserie behind the counter, a selection of cheeses and salads in the fridge, French macaroons and jars of jam on the dresser, tea and coffee pots, and a two watering cans in the shape of teapots hanging from the ceiling. Phew!…

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