MAMMON RULES – Do people of faith have to protect their children even more?

I recently receive the mailing below from the Save Childhood movement. As a teacher of some 40 years I started to believe that childhood was under threat quite early on.

Many Christians home-educate as a buffer against Mammon’s eating into what we suppose is ‘innocent childhood’. But do we need to do more given that it is Facebook and Twitter that are omnipresent and omniscient and not the good Lord? If we don’t others ‘educate’ more than we do!

scmbanner1 Save Childhood Movement
October UpdateUniting to Protect Childhood

Dear all,

What an amazing three months it has been. We have gained some highly knowledgeable new advisors
and have been concentrating on sorting out all the details for next year’s summit that you can now read about below.

We have tried to keep the costs down, so that as many people as possible can come, and hope that you will help us spread the word by letting other people know about it.

Many thanks to all of you that have offered your help with the movement so far. We will definitely be needing a team of volunteers over the weekend of the summit so please let us know if you are interested as numbers will be limited, but you will get free access to the whole event. The first SCM t-shirts are already being designed!

news_bustech_arw1.gif 2013 ‘Flourish’ Summit -27th and 28th AprilEarly Childhood and the Science of Wellbeing
Our first summit is being held at the Friends Conference Hallin Euston Road, London and we hope that you will be able to join us. You can now see the website

To keep our costs down we have used the Eventbrite ticketing service to handle all the registrations (which means that there will be small charge added to each booking). Please let us know if you have any problems. Please also let us know if you need a vegetarian lunch.

We already have some wonderful speakers lined up that include:

Tim Gill– Leading thinker, author and founder of Rethinking Childhood

Reg Bailey – Chief Executive of The Mothers’ Union – led the 2011 government sponsored independent review on the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood

Baroness Susan Greenfield – Neuroscientist, writer and broadcaster (as Susan will be in Australia at the time of the summit she is recording a 30 minute film about her own concerns for us to show)

Catherine Prisk– Director of Play England

Mark Williamson – Director of Action for Happiness

Sue Palmer – Literary expert, author of Toxic Childhood and 21st Century Boys

Sally Goddard-Blythe – Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, author of “The Genius of Natural Childhood’ and ‘What Babies and Children Really need’

Dr Richard House – Psychotherapist, Co-founder of the OpenEYE Campaign and Early Childhood Action (ECA) – editor of “Too Much, Too soon’

Susan Stranks – Television producer and presenter, Coordinator – National Campaign for Children’s Radio and the Sound Start Group

Wendy Scott – freelance early years consultant, engaged overseas with UNICEF and the British Council, as well as UK local authorities. Ex chair and chief executive of the British Association for Early Childhood Education, currently honorary president of TACTYC.

Jan White – nationally recognised independent early childhood consultant working specialising in outdoor provision. Author of ‘Playing and Learning Outdoors: making provision for high quality experiences in the outdoor Environment’ and editor of ‘Outdoor Provision in the Early Years’.

David Bond – director, producer and writer of documentary, commercial and short film projects for, amongst others, Channel 4 and the BBC. Co-runs the production company Green Lions and is currently developing Project Wild Thing

Project Speakers
There will also be short talks from people running new or inspirational projects in the UK.
Pricing – please see the website.

Ticket prices include refreshments and a picnic lunch.

Friends Conference Hall, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ
Click here
for full details Friends House

We are currently working on the programme for the two days and will send out further updates once this has been decided.

news_bustech_arw1.gif The Science of Early Childhood DevelopmentThis edition of the Harvard InBrief serieslooks at why child development-particularly from birth to five years-is a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable society.
InBrief: The Science of Early Childhood Development
If you care about the wellbeing of young children please join usSCM LOGO web

email us on contact

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