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Economics for Humanity

Just 15 years ago the idea that business should place a social objective ahead of its responsibility to investors was considered economic heresy.

In just the last year that perception has been changed radically with the introduction of ‘Creating Shared Value’ to corporations like Novartis and the showcasing of a business model which benefits society, by Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman.

This is the story of an evolution, how it was first reasoned and a man who gave his life to making it happen.

How it began

This story begins in 1995 with an invitation from the US President offering a POW /MIA activist the opportunity to serve on a committee, the one which drives the campaign for his re-election.

It was however, the disappearance of his father-in-law Charles Rowley from an AC-130 gunship over Laos which had set the wheels in motion.

He’s given no brief for the role, that…

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