One of the world’s great photographers, Carol Guzy – Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photographer for the Washington Post

US troops occupied Haiti to restore order after a military coup. Guzy was covering a pro-democracy march when a grade went off. “The mob was about to tear apart the man they thought had thrown the grenade,” she says. “The soldier had pulled him out and definitely saved his life. I had fallen to the ground and got this shot looking up at the action.”

Editor’s note: This slideshow contains some graphic images.

 She had just returned from family leave to her job as a photographer for the Post. Her mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Guzy had been by her side in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. “I promised her I would help her through the journey,” Guzy says. “If it had been anywhere but Haiti, I could not have considered going. But I had to.”

She packed in 20 minutes, hitched a ride to New York with AP photographer Gerald Herbert and Post reporter Mary Beth Sheridan, caught a flight to the Dominican Republic, and made her way to Port-au-Prince. “It was a surreal scene,” she says. “To see places I had been so many times, with people dead under schools, palaces, churches, apartments.”

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