2 Replies to “Joel Meyerowitz – demonstrates the essentials of Street Photography – YouTube”

    1. Thanks Caryn – I really appreciate the meditational spirit and simplicity of your photo-blog.

      On a personal note I dabbled with photography on and off for years – long before digital was a twinkle in any designer’s eye – but I didn’t know photographically who I was or what I was doing – or why. The BBC showed a brilliant series called The Genius of Photography……

      This is going to be too long so I will complete as an article and post it in the next few days.

      Joel of course was the guy who documented the aftermath of the Twin Tours atrocity – a heavy burden – but he just loves to swim in the flow of the human spirit on New York streets grabbing joyful moments – like a bear snapping salmon moving upstream! Thomas Leutrad calls the flow Collecting Souls – but I don’t want to ‘collect them’. I just want a photo as we gently bounce off each other, as in a pin-ball machine. Ooops I’ve started up again.

      Have you yet exorcised the demon of the discarded bed-spring yet?

      My wife and I recently moved down to live near Brighton from Hadrian’s wall country in Northumberland near Scotland so I’m really enjoying access to city life. Brighton is quite a bit like San Fran – but with a lot less sun and a less fog!

      All good wishes



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