Who is this beautiful young poet?


File:DH Lawrence 1906.jpg



Why does the thin grey strand
Floating up from the forgotten
Cigarette between my fingers,
Why does it trouble me?

Ah, you will understand;
When I carried my mother downstairs,
A few times only, at the beginning
Of her soft-foot malady,

I should find, for a reprimand
To my gaiety, a few long grey hairs
On the breast of my coat; and one by one
I let them float up the dark chimney.


D H Lawrence – Photo source WikiPedia

One Reply to “Who is this beautiful young poet?”

  1. …yes, this gorgeous, but methinks it would be nice if living poets would get some kudos since the only reward besides kudos is the oblect d’arte itself…further up & further in…^^~~~~~~
    autumn adagio
    (i sing for a butterfly)

    sobbing long weeping
    the violins
    of autumn
    tear my heart
    shades of grey
    and suffocating languor
    so pale
    when sounds the hour
    i recall myself
    my ancient days
    and i weep silver tears
    and now i sail
    on a black wind
    that carries me
    beyond that below

    l’automne adagio
    (je chant pour un papilon)

    les sanglots longs
    des violons
    de l’automne
    blessent mon coeur
    d’une langueur
    tout suffocant
    et blême
    quand sonne l’heure
    e me souviens
    des jours anciens
    et je pleure ;
    et je m’en vais
    au vent mauvais
    qui m’emporte
    deçà, delà,
    à la feuille morte
    a solitary
    dead leaf
    mark emmanuel christopher valentine
    (october, 25, 2011)



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