Pushing photography to the limits MARIAH ROBERTSON at the BALTIC

Courtesy American Contemporary, New York. © the artist.
25 June 2011 – 30 October 2011

Highly aware of our technology-saturated world, New York-based Mariah Robertson bridges photography, painting, film and sculpture with images that, at first, hark back to the slower, semi-pre-digital arena of her youth. Working in a darkroom using analogue techniques now in their demise, Robertson manipulates photographic materials to reveal their strengths and fallibilities. Her hands-on approach sees chemical mishaps ‘paint’ the photographic surface, and an array of objects exposed directly on the paper or obstructing the enlarger.

Her elaborate compositions, lush with colour, are presented as objects within heavy frames, or as structures that cascade from the ceiling and around the gallery as over-sized film-strips.

This is Robertson’s first solo exhibition in the UK and will include recent and new work.

Enjoyed the idea of stretching photographic method to this extreme more than the actual artifacts. Well worth seeing though.

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