‘Slate-grey’ and ‘powder-blue’: a photographic encounter with two Budapest women.


'Buda-pest' is a series of photographs shot in Budapest September 2011

The written 'counter-point' texts seek to not demand particular readings or interpretations.

Bespectacled 'powder-blue woman' resembles the Greek singer Nana Mouskouri when young. 

Slate-grey woman sits in shades of grey on the slate-grey marble.

Curled-up,  'slate-grey woman' sees only her pain, tight as a knot in apple-tree wood.

Bespectacled woman's pursed lips suggests she may be feeling the force field of inwardness and hopelessness that I had to negotiate in walking past slate-grey woman, then turning back. 

The polished slate-grey marble benches are worthy of Greek or Roman 'senators'.

The three containers, red, powder blue and white contain their secrets of the day.

The mustard-yellow of the light-reflecting window is everywhere in Budapest.

White, green and red are the colours of the flag of Hungary.

The pavement shadows the vomit from a previous sitting.



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