The Equality Trust reports 99 MPs signed up so far to ‘reduce inequality’ motion

Submitted by Kathryn Busby on 14 July 2011

On 4th May, six MPs sponsored the following Early Day Motion (EDM 1775): [external link]

That this House notes the findings of The Equality Trust that societies with smaller income differences between rich and poor have fewer health and social problems, such as teenage births, violence, mental illness and drug abuse; further notes that such societies have higher levels of trust between citizens and more social mobility; and therefore encourages the Government to promote policies that reduce income inequality.

Westminter - David Iliff

So far 

99 MPs 

have signed. See the complete list here. [external link]

We are having one last push to ensure that as many MPs as possible sign up.

If your MPs has not yet done so (and is not a government minister, whip, shadow minister, PPS, speaker or deputy speaker, who by convention do not sign EDMs) then please use our quick and easy online form [external link] to write to him/her – it takes less than five minutes and you can use our template text.

Photograph of the Palace of Westminster: David Iliff [external link]

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