Perennial Philosophy – the structure for discovering the golden core of all true faiths including your own!



I came to the conclusion that the inner core of all true faith traditions came down to three steps: Awakening; Detaching (reducing or eliminating egotistic self) and Service.  The three are not sequential – and they are journeys not destinations.

Here I have set a structure of Perennial Philosophy within that three-step process.



“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” Thich Nhat Hanh SL p504

A) • There’s a reality beyond the material world:

• Which is uncreated.

• It pervades everything,

• but remains (as a whole) beyond the reach of human knowledge and understanding.


"A man is a slave to anything he cannot part with that is less than himself." – George MacDonald

B) • You approach that reality by:

• Distinguishing ego from true self

• Understanding the nature of desire

• Becoming unattached

• Forgetting about preferences

• Not working for personal gain

• Letting go of thoughts

• Redirecting your attention

• Being devoted

• Being humble

• Invoking that reality

• Surrendering

C) • That reality approaches you through:

• Grace

• The teacher (s/he seems to appear whenever you need to move on up through the next stage)

D) • You’re transformed – enlightened – so that you embody or reflect that reality by:

• ‘Dying’ and ‘being reborn’ (i.e transformed and living more by the true higher self than the lower self!)


"The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." – Albert Schweitzer

E) . You then find (even better) ways to serve – realizing that all work done in the spirit of service can be ranked as worship.

This structure is what has been used – more or less – whenever you come across one of that minority of great souls I have called Spiritual Federalists – see HERE


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