Interfaith, Christian angst & is proselytizing tacky? – Rev. Dean Snyder



Sermon Series: Christianity Without Easy Answers


“Is it a Problem if I Like Buddha and Shiva, Too?”

Sunday, March 1, 2009



Amos 9: 5-7
I Corinthians 15: 21-28


Rev. Dean Snyder

Christians are all over the road map when it comes to other religions, aren’t we?


There are those of us who believe Christianity is the only true religion and there are those who believe that one religion is pretty much as good as another. There are those of us who believe that the chief calling of Christians is to bring people of other religions to Christ and those who think “proselytizing” is tacky. There are those of us who think Christianity is incompatible with other religions and those who practice other religions while remaining Christian. The great scholar of world religions Huston Smith finds his spiritual nourishment in Vedanta, philosophical Hinduism, even though he attends his local Methodist church faithfully and considers himself a Methodist.[i]


No wonder our friends are confused about what we as Christians think about other religions and some of us might be as well……….

NB To read the Rev. Dean Snyder's sermon click HERE

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