Why don’t poets and seers give up on the ineffable? – 3 answers 1 Buddhist, 1 Portuguese, 1 Welsh


I’ve learned to still all the common states of mind. 
Only the devil of poetry I have yet to conquer –
let me come upon a bit of scenery and I start my idle droning

~ Po Chu-I ~



I don’t have ambitions or desires. 
Being a poet isn’t my ambition, 
it’s my way of being alone.

~ Fernando Pessoa ~




Poetry is that
which arrives at the intellect
by way of the heart.

~ R S Thomas ~



Just look at how R S Thomas enjoyed having his photo taken!

His definition reminds me that the shortest journey in the world is from the heart to the head, and the longest is from the head to the heart!

These three wonderful quotations are from the exquisite The Green Leaf – http://thegreenleaf.co.uk/files.htm

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