Mindfulness – TinyBuddha style



53. What you think is what you become. (Diego Felipe Villa, Serna and Ray Hung and 
Omer Toledano)
54. Just let go. (Emma Audsley, Tiffany Flowers, Astrid Ramge and Kim Power)
55. Relax. (Amari Mara Fey Bella and Hayley Mousley)
56. Breathe. (Slovydal O'Brien)
57. All we have is this moment. (Linda Biery Wickelhaus)
58. Remember the past fondly, plan the future with anticipation, and live now.
(Maryanne Dell)
59. Every person you encounter, every situation that arises, and every setting you find 
yourself in—these things are reflections of your state of mind/being. (Brooke Burgess)
60. The point of power is now. (Kathi Ledesma Palmer)
61. Nothing lasts forever, so if it’s good, enjoy it whilst you got it; if it’s bad, something 
good is around the corner, so don't worry about it. (Ben Crushcov)
62. Never ever take life for granted and savor every moment. Tomorrow is never a 
guarantee. (Christine Rabbath)
63. It is what it is. (Tammy Risher)

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