‘No love, no intellect’ or Rumi rocks – parenting divinely


“Reason is the shadow cast by God; God is the sun.” – Rumi
It is always wonderful to discover ancient truths that bear out more recently discovered ones.  

If we take the 'sun' as warmth (love) and light (intellect), and that God is love, in the line from Rumi we can conclude that, amongst other things;

love precedes and gives birth or form to reason, 

reason is limited, the sun, that through us can shine, is not limited.

reason is second to love

reason in the civilized person is the servant of right feeling

This is borne out in research.  

The first research that I knew about was that of John Bowlby  at Teacher Education college – yes 'training' then for a short time was for dogs, one of the first books they gave us was Bowlby's Childcare and the Growth of Love 

Available as I write for 1p on Amazon.co.uk !

What are the possible consequences of poor parenting?

No love, no light, no intellect.

Or sadly twisted intellect.

The good news? – even crushed flowers can unfold!

As the Californian guru said, 'It's never too late to have a happy childhood!" – given will, insight and a few good friends!

Find a good teacher!

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