The flash of insight


A lightning flash:

between the forest trees

I have seen water.

Shiki Masaoka – (1867-1902)



“All spiritual teachings are about one thing – what it is to be fully and positively human – in the world, with others.

This we do in relation to that Whole – out of which we each are an infinitesimally small, temporary, wave-form.

We live in order to awake to that mysterious Whole, overcome ego and learn to serve better – ‘Awake; De-egotise; Serve’  – That’s it!   But we need to start somewhere.  And simplicity is better than complexity.

We can (re)start right now with Thích Nhất Hạnh Zen Buddhist master’s teaching on mindfulness; ‘Smile: Breathe and Go slowly/consciously’ – try it!  Instant success is built in from the first smile.  Its’ irresistible!

The rest is a matter of cultural clothing & historical accident of birth.  

True religion helps, false religion hinders –  in getting the realizations needed.” – RP


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Namaste – Roger

Dr Roger Prentice

PS The secret of life it seems to me is in the haiku above.