The flash of insight


A lightning flash:

between the forest trees

I have seen water.

Shiki Masaoka – (1867-1902)



“All spiritual teachings are about one thing – what it is to be fully and positively human – in the world, with others.

This we do in relation to that Whole – out of which we each are an infinitesimally small, temporary, wave-form.

We live in order to awake to that mysterious Whole, overcome ego and learn to serve better – ‘Awake; De-egotise; Serve’  – That’s it!   But we need to start somewhere.  And simplicity is better than complexity.

We can (re)start right now with Thích Nhất Hạnh Zen Buddhist master’s teaching on mindfulness; ‘Smile: Breathe and Go slowly/consciously’ – try it!  Instant success is built in from the first smile.  Its’ irresistible!

The rest is a matter of cultural clothing & historical accident of birth.  

True religion helps, false religion hinders –  in getting the realizations needed.” – RP


Share your questions or insights on these or any other issues via ‘comments’

Namaste – Roger

Dr Roger Prentice

PS The secret of life it seems to me is in the haiku above.


One Reply to “The flash of insight”

  1. Hello Roger…I wanted to pop over here and thank you for visiting and subscribing to my blog. Your content is of great interest to me and a wonderful resource. I look forward to spending time here and perusing your archives!


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