‘In Praise of Ego’ by Michael Shepherd

In Praise of Ego by Michael Shepherd

In carefree, laughing, joyful mood –
let’s praise the ego, to its face!

Our most faithful mate throughout our life;
with us longer than our parents or our children are;

at our heels at all times, proud of head and tail,
saying to the world that ‘I belong to him! ’;

faithful as a dog; and cunning as a cat;
between them, running our un-mastered lives;

(and like the cosy purring cat you stroke upon your lap,
ego's the secret dark night-hunter, out to kill all life..)

ego, more awake than we ourselves,
never missing a living moment;

every heart-beat an opportunity;
sharper entrepreneur than any city slicker:

‘what’s in it for me? ’; there is no trick,
no turn, no market swing, that ego can’t exploit and profit from;

to read the whole poem click HERE – http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/in-praise-of-ego/#


I would love to read a whole set of ego poems!

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