What are the benefits of developing ‘Presence Awareness’

Here are some of the benefits we have found that arise from Presence Awareness …

  • A fundamental shift from the limited world of mind and ego to the awakened world of NOW.
  • Freedom from the limitations of the past.
  • Freedom from anxiety about the future.
  • An ability to be more fully present in your daily life and relationships.
  • Inner silence, stillness and peace.
  • An opening into true power and freedom.
  • A greater capacity for unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Release from judgment, blame and guilt.
  • Awakening to clarity, truth and wisdom.
  • A sense of the sacred in everyday life.
  • The experience of Oneness and the eternal dimension of life.

The aim of The Seer is to help readers enjoy these benefits in their own life experience.

See also Peter’s Pearls http://peterspearls.com.au/ – a great site

4 Replies to “What are the benefits of developing ‘Presence Awareness’”

  1. Hi, I’d just like to ask if this “presence awareness” is the same, if not similar to the concept of mindfulness? It has been said that by being mindful, we become aware of our true selves, therefore enabling us to be control of our actions, free from the possibility of error influenced by the human emotion and personal judgment. Is presence awareness achieved through meditation as well? Thank you for this post.


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