“Happiness is the very opposite of selfishness.” says Anthony Seldon

Anthony Seldon, leading British educationalist and political historian, has been the head of Wellington College since 2006, where he has replaced the GCSEs by his own curriculum, including lessons in happiness.

In the BBC programme ‘Five Things I have learnt”, he says: “Happiness is the very opposite of selfishness. It involves conscious choice every second of every day. Much of my life has been spent either unhappy or in a kind of neutral state and I now realise that one can make a conscious decision to be happy. Happiness follows from a sense of living in harmony with oneself and with others, and turning one’s mind to the present and away from one’s own self-centred thoughts. (…)

It is now an obsession with me as a head master that young people are encouraged to make their own choices and learn how to live. Happiness lessons help here – we have them at my school. They learn that making mistakes can often be a good thing. Learning to meditate and do yoga helped me enormously.” More on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-12935895

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